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From bankruptcy to a home. We are excited to be alongside one of our customers, Valerie, as her home was featured on Designing Spaces. Hear more about Valerie's financial and credit journey and how she rebuilt her credit - and her life - using the right credit card for her. 

Learn more about what PREMIER Bankcard does, and why we do it.

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Chandra's story

See how our Customer Service Reps, like Chandra, go the extra mile for our customers.

Valerie's story

Hear about Valerie’s financial journey and how we gave her a second chance to rebuild her credit.

We meet our customers where they are on their financial journey and support them as they work towards a brighter credit future.

Credit Building1

We report monthly to the Consumer Reporting Agencies to help you build your credit.

Clear Pricing

No hidden fees and depending on the card, our APRs range from 19.9% to 36%.

Access & Security

Enjoy the security of Mastercard in your wallet with any of PREMIER Bankcard's credit cards.

Credit Limit Increases

Raise your credit limit after 12 months with responsible use of your card2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing a credit card is one way for you to build or rebuild your credit and improve your credit score. To help build good credit, use credit cards regularly and make all your payments on time. You’ll also want to keep an eye on what’s called credit utilization. Credit utilization is the percentage of your total credit you're using. In general, you should aim to keep your utilization percentage low (under 30%) by using a small portion of your card's credit limit.

Secured credit cards are often a great place to start. A refundable security deposit3 is required to open your account. The PREMIER Bankcard Secured Credit Card can give you the opportunity to start your journey to building or rebuilding your credit right now vs having to wait until you’re eligible for the unsecured.

PREMIER Bankcard, along with any other creditors you may have, reports your account activity to the major consumer reporting agencies —Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. The agencies then use this information to create your credit reports, which is the basis of your credit score. Only FICO Scores are created by the Fair Isaac Corporation and are used by over 90% of top lenders when making lending decisions.

FICO Scores are often considered to be the industry standard for making accurate and fair decisions about creditworthiness. They help millions of people get the credit they need for a home, a new car, or a special purchase.

Yes. Your performance is reported directly to the major consumer reporting agencies.

  1. Build credit by keeping your balance low and paying all your bills on time every month.
  2. Credit limit increase eligibility upon request, after you've been with us for 12 months and have kept your account in good standing (on-time payments and staying within the credit limit).
  3. A refundable security deposit means you get your money back if you have a zero balance and the account is closed.