Customer Success Stories

See how First PREMIER has helped customers take the next step on their financial journey.

"My PREMIER credit card has done wonders for educating me on how to build my credit and keeping me on top of my score."

Tonnicka G.


"It has helped me become more responsible with my credit and my credit scores have gone up. I started with a $300 limit and now I have a $700 limit."

Kimberly B.


"First PREMIER has definitely taught me about how to use credit more wisely given the tips that we receive from email."

Terrence W.

New Jersey

"First PREMIER gave me a credit card when nobody else would. I am a single mom of two after a divorce. I was left with his debt as well as my own as he had a better lawyer. There were many days my girls and I went without food simply because I didn't have the money. I couldn't get credit because my credit score was below poor. My credit is now fair/good and I am heading straight toward EXCELLENT! Thank you First PREMIER for giving me a chance."

Debra M.


"I am grateful to have been offered another credit card, and for the positive influence and opportunity for advancement to improve my credit worthiness and lifestyle. Thank you!"

Tashjmah T.