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Are you credit worthy? Yes? No? Maybe? Not sure? Take the guesswork out of your credit worthiness by monitoring your Experian® Credit Report with 24/7 online access to your Experian Credit Report and PLUS Score with PREMIER Credit Manager.

PREMIER Credit Manager puts your Experian Credit Report and PLUS Score at your fingertips in seconds for a low monthly fee.

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Don't get caught off guard! PREMIER Credit Protection® is an optional benefit of your First PREMIER Bank Credit Card. You pay only $0.89 per $100 of your outstanding ending monthly balance each month. Covered events include Disability, Involuntary Unemployment, Unpaid Family Leave, Hospitalization and Loss of Life. Certain exclusions may apply. For example, if you are not currently employed, such as if you are retired, you may not be eligible for Disability, Unpaid Family Leave or Involuntary Unemployment protection. The cost of the program will not change if you become ineligible for some of the protection. Refer to the PCP Contract for more information. Just call Customer Service at 1-800-987-5521, or click the Purchase Today link.

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The First PREMIER® Bank Credt Card is designed for those with less than perfect credit. We're here to help. Applying is fast and easy.

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